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Introducing our ResilCoat TEX, a resilience coating which is a breakthrough solution designed to enhance the performance of fabrics and contribute to healthier and safer environments. Our mission is to drive positive change in indoor spaces, and now we bring that commitment to fabric coatings.

Our ResilCoat TEX harnesses advanced technologies to combat volatile organic compounds (VOCs), harmful microbes, and pollutants that can compromise the well-being of individuals. By applying our innovative coating to fabrics, we transform them into self-cleaning and self-sterilizing surfaces, promoting cleanliness and enhancing occupant health.

Our ResilCoat TEX offers an outstanding antibacterial performance, with a reduction of MRSA bacteria by more than 99.99%. This ensures that fabrics treated with our coating provide a powerful defense against harmful microbes, contributing to a cleaner and safer environment.

Not only does our resilience coating offer superior antibacterial properties, but it also excels in durability. Tested according to the AATCC TM 172 test method, our coating demonstrates remarkable resilience even after up to 60 washes. This exceptional durability ensures that the fabric retains its protective qualities, providing long-lasting performance and peace of mind.

Incorporating our resilience coating into fabric applications brings forth a range of benefits. You can enjoy fabrics that are not only resistant to bacterial growth but also maintain their effectiveness and durability over an extended period. Experience the transformative power of our fabric resilience coating, elevating fabric performance and occupant well-being to a new level.


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