Vision & Mission

 Our vision is to be a premier global biocides and self-cleaning additive distribution hub, excelling in green technology for environmental conservation.

 Our mission is to lead in the innovative technology development and distribution of biocides self-cleaning additive for universal well-being.


Our Product-

is advanced photocatalysis technology developed by SDN BHD with a join partnership development with a team of scientists from local university. Comparing to the available market products, the know-how advanced technology mastered by enables the produced TiO2 particle to achieve homogenized nanosize particle, hence increase the photocatalytic efficiency tremendously. In the past, TiO2 photocatalyst could only active under UV light. However, our photocatalyst is highly active under indoor light (eg: fluorescent light). coating is very durable. The test result showed that after 20 cycles wash, the -coated-mask remained 99.7% killing (MRSA).

Why Choose ?

>99% virus killing (modified ISO 18184)

>99.9% bacteria killing (AATCC 100-2019) (MRSA)

Green technology

Safe to human body and skin

Environmentally friendly

Long lasting performance

Concept of Photocatalysis

Photocatalysis is an advanced oxidation process that utilizes light as energy source to initiate oxidation-reduction chemical reaction. This technology was discovered by a professor in Japan, Akira Fujishima, when he accidentally discovered that titanium dioxide (TiO2) is active towards the light. Titanium dioxide, by far, remains as the most promising photocatalyst. When photocatalyst is exposed to light and the air, it will generate active radicals (hydroxyl radicals, •OH and superoxide radicals O2-•). These radicals are able to decompose harmful bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds into non-harmful compounds such as carbon dioxide and water. It is a mimic reaction of photosynthesis.
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